Money Raising

We are experts in money raising. Raising money is about preparation of forecasts, a business plan, a capital structure and if necessary a money raising document that adheres to SFA regulations.

It is also about making sure that the vested company maintains the correct infrastructure to ensure that after money is raised it is properly spent and accounted for.

Capital Structuring and Restructuring

We are experts in capital structuring and restructuring. In order to successfully raise money owners and shareholders have to decide what proportion of their shares they are prepared to give away and what type of financial instrument they wish to use in order to raise this money.

Furthermore various legal adjustments need to be made in order to enable additional shares to be issued and the fund raising to go ahead. This is what is known as financial and corporate restructuring and is one of Bohica’s core activities.

Listing on Stock Exchanges

Bohica itself is not regulated to do this directly BUT through its extensive contacts with city institutions it can set up listings particularly onto the AIM and Plus Markets trading platforms.

Listings and flotations can take up an inordinate amount of management time so Bohica can co-ordinate listings and flotations with the selected city institution from within the client company. This helps to retain management’s focus on the core business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are experts in mergers and acquisitions. If a client is seeking to acquire then such activity will include preparation of heads of terms and due diligence as well as forecasting and post acquisition planning.

If a client puts itself up for sale or merger then a detailed Memorandum of Sale must be prepared together with a due diligence pack. Bohica has the expertise to deal with both buy side and sell side transactions.

Corporate Recovery

We are experts in corporate recovery. This might include restructuring of the creditor book and negotiation with creditors while refinancing is being organised. This may well also involve helping the client with cost cutting measures.

Finding Non-Executive Directors & Advisors

Through our extensive network of contacts we can locate and recommend all manner of key people and required advisors for client companies.

Financial Accounting and Control

Control your Business

Bohica has extensive experience in setting up accounting and reporting systems so that our clients know exactly what is going on

We can help our clients structure a reporting system that allows them to run their business using accurate real time information without having to duplicate effort.


We are happy to help set up systems for clients to use themselves but equally can provide a bookkeeping service.

No problem with VAT or PAYE returns ever again!

Accounts Preparation

We can help you produce accounts in statutory format should this be required, ready for filing or up to audit standard.
We can also organise your audit if required.